Lynn is Staff Accompanist at the Royal Academy of Music, Junior Department, accompanies students in the senior departments at the Academy, and has coached chamber music at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. A member of the ABRSM examining panel, Lynn is also Senior Piano Tutor at Warwick University and nurtures her select private teaching practice. Lynn very much enjoys working with students and her work as a tutor reflects the breadth of her performance programme.

"Having taught the piano for over twenty years, I relish the opportunity to find out what makes each pupil 'tick', with a kind, compassionate determination to help each and every pupil listen closely, develop technical facility and to realise their full expressive potential. I am fortunate to have studied the piano with Vanessa Latarche, Michael Dussek, Malcolm Martineau and Patsy Toh, to have read Music at Cambridge University and to have gained an LRAM in teaching whilst studying at the Royal Academy of Music. This background, plus a determination for each student to flourish, is what drives each lesson and indeed the progress of each pupil. Lessons naturally explore music from technical, analytical, historical and interpretational aspects, and aim to raise questions for the students along their developmental routes. Pupils have gone on to win local and national competitions, to achieve diplomas (DipABRSM and LRSM) with distinction, to study at the Royal Academy of Music, Primary and Junior Departments, to read Music at various universities - and to teach the piano! The piano may be viewed as a fundamentally mechanical instrument, but it is my aim that each student should find their own individual sound and expressive medium."

Email Lynn for more information: Lynn@LynnArnold.co.uk

"When you talk about music, it is as if you were talking about life itself and your comments

 on how to better play are always perfect to the point 

and make so much sense..."  Dr. MvG