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BMCS 2024 Programme

Sunday April 28th
Francesca Barritt (violin) & Lynn Arnold (piano)
Beethoven - Sonata No 8 in G major Op 30 No 3 & Strauss - Sonata in Eb Op 18, as well as works by Elgar & Sammons

Sunday June 23rd
Warwick Piano Trio - Roger Coull (violin), Nick Roberts (cello) & Lynn Arnold (piano)
Brahms - Trio No 1 in B major Op 8 & Hurlstone - Piano Trio in G major

Sunday September 8th
Four Hands: Lynn Arnold & Charles Matthews (piano duet)
Programme to include Czerny’s epic Sonata for Piano Duet in C minor Op 10

Sunday October 27th
Shirley Turner (violin), Peter Mallinson (viola) & Lynn Arnold (piano)
Join us as we delve into the world of Hausmusik, from the 18th century to the present day, from thigh-slapping Czardas by Monti to Mozart’s Variations on a Nursery Song, 
and the musical fantasy of Klughardt’s Schilflieder.

       All concerts are on Sundays at 7pm in the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Butlers Marston, CV35 0NA
Tickets are £14 (under 18's £5) and include Butlers Marston hospitality.
Tickets are available from ButlersMusic@hotmail.co.uk

An Early Bird Season Ticket is available at £50 for the four concerts; tickets are available from ButlersMusic@hotmail.co.uk.

Online G&T Concerts in 2020 included those on:
Friday 18th September 6pm - a recital by Peter Mallinson (viola) and Lynn Arnold including works by Bach, Beach, Purcell-Warren and Franck.
Friday 16th October 6pm - a recital by piano duet Lynn Arnold & Charles Matthews including works by Beethoven, Tovey, Dvorak and Mendelssohn.
Friday 18th December 6pm - a selection of Christmas repertoire and favourites with Lynn Arnold

During 2021, there were online and in-person concerts:
Friday 15th January 6pm - a recital by Four Hands: Lynn Arnold & Charles Matthews for piano duet
Friday 26th February 9pm - a Cocoa Concert of Bach's Goldberg Variations BWV 988
Friday 26th March 6pm - Peter Mallinson (viola), Emily Cockbill (oboe) and Lynn Arnold (piano) play trios by Telemann, Kludghardt, Kahn and more!
Friday 23rd April 6pm -  a recital by the Warwick Piano Trio: Roger Coull (violin), Nick Roberts (cello) and Lynn Arnold (piano) of Beethoven Op 1 No 1 and Arensky's D minor piano trio
Friday 21st May 6pm - a recital by the Arnold Ensemble: Marie Lloyd (clarinet), Jonathan Barritt (viola) and Lynn Arnold (piano) of Mozart, Bruch and more!
Sunday 11th July 3:30pm - a recital in the Church of St Peter & St Paul by Peter Mallinson (viola) and Lynn Arnold (piano) of Tabakova, Beach and Clara Schumann.

Concerts in 2023 included those on:Sunday 23rd April - The Warwick Piano Trio: Roger Coull (violin), Nick Roberts ('cello) & Lynn Arnold (piano) - Mendelssohn Trio No. 1 in D minor Op. 49 and Brahms Trio in C minor Op. 101
Sunday June 25th - Peter Mallinson (viola) & Lynn Arnold (piano) -  "Brief Encounters" - programme that included works by Nadia Boulanger, Vadim Borisovsky and Zemlinsky.
Sunday September 3rd - Francesca Barritt (violin) & Lynn Arnold (piano) - Mozart Sonata No. 32 in B flat major K. 454, Prokofiev Five Melodies Op. 35a, Lili Boulanger Nocturne & Cortege,          Brahms Sonata No. 3 in D minor Op. 108
Sunday October 29th - Four Hands: Lynn Arnold & Charles Matthews (piano duet) - programme that included works by Schubert, Reger and Dvorak.


Originally conceived in 2008, Butlers Marston Concert Society gave it's inaugural concert in August 2009.  Being in rural Warwickshire, the first challenge was to obtain a piano...  Many may have been daunted by this initial obstacle, but not Lynn! Incredibly her dreams were answered when an anonymous benefactor came forward and offered £2250 to cover the cost of a piano and its removal. Thank you! Following this wonderful act of anonymous generosity,
for which the Butlers Marston Concert Society are extremely grateful (actually over the moon!), a fine Yamaha U3 piano has been duly installed in the church, and Lynn’s idea for a series of first class concerts has become a reality.

The concert society has taken various guises: in the "early years", six chamber music concerts a year were given - always with the warm, inviting atmosphere of Butlers Marston village, and with the churchyard lit up by fairy lights.  Subsequently, BMCS became an annual festival for two years, and now we average around three or four concerts a year.  All the concerts are well attended; programmes are approachable, varied and aim to promote lesser known and/or contemporary works, often inlcuding British music.  The magical fairy lights still illuminate the churchyard!

It is remarkable to contemplate that we have now celebrated our tenth anniversary!  We thank our committee members: Matthew Arnold, Jan Bunyan, Christian Hilton and Belinda Roberts for all their help, and indeed Su & Dick Leaper, Malcolm & Mabel Carter and the PCC of Butlers Marston for making this a reality!

Concerts in 2020 will include those on:
Sunday 5th April 7pm - a recital by Four Hands: Lynn Arnold & Charles Matthews - piano duet works by Vaughan Williams, Walton, Maconchy and more!
Sunday 17th May 7pm - a recital by the Warwick Piano Trio: Roger Coull (violin), Nicholas Roberts ('cello) & Lynn Arnold (piano), who are joined by Melanie Ragge (oboe) - programme to include works by Beethoven, Martinu, Arensky and Brahms.
There are more concerts in the pipeline...details to be released by end of January 2020!

Concerts in 2019 included those on:
Sunday 5th May 7pm - a recital by the Arnold Ensemble: Jonathan Barritt (viola), Marie Lloyd (clarinet) & Lynn Arnold (piano) with wine tasting!
Sunday 14th July 7pm - 10th Anniversary concert, with three of the four performers returning from our very first concert! Guy Button (violin), Peter Mallinson (viola), Michael Wigram (cello) & Lynn Arnold (piano) 
Sunday 1st September 7pm - a recital for piano duet by Four Hands: Lynn Arnold & Charles Matthews

Concerts in 2018 included those on:
Sunday 25th Feburary 7pm - a recital by Matthew Forbes (cello) & Lynn Arnold (piano)
Sunday 29th April 7pm - a recital for piano duet
Sunday 2nd September 7pm - a recital by Charles Matthews & Lynn Arnold - piano duet
Sunday 28th October 7pm - a recital by Roger Coull (violin) & Lynn Arnold (piano)

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"The Butlers Marston Concert Society is the brainchild of Lynn Carter – outstanding concert pianist, wonderful piano 

teacher and – very lucky for us – super enthusiastic, youthful resident of Butlers Marston. Lynn has 

pulled out all the stops to bring world class music right here to Butlers Marston."

"Last night's concert was just wonderful. Your playing and expertise was a joy, as was the programme. I loved every moment."

Audience member, by email after a concert   

Reviews from the Leamington Courier:


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